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Así de alucinantes son los fuegos artificiales en blanco y negro by Vicente Fernández, July 07, 2017 “Un espectáculo de fuegos artificiales equivale a una explosión de luz y color. Pero, el fotógrafo Damion Berger nos ofrece una perspectiva diferente de estos espectáculos pirotécnicos. Sus imágenes nos muestran el negativo

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Des feux d’artifices, en un peu moins chiant by Marie Fantozzi, October 27, 2016 “Il n’y a pas plus banal qu’une photo de feu d’artifice. Pire, un tel cliché ne semble bon qu’à figurer, au mieux, sur une carte postale de vacances un peu kitsch, au pire, dans les pages


Black Powder — Damion Berger by Ana Belén, 17 October, 2016 “Grand in both size and scale, these images are made using in-camera techniques such as long and overlapping exposures and unorthodox combinations of focus and aperture to select, sculpt and multiply the explosions onto a single sheet of film. They are


The Most Stunning Photos of Fireworks Don’t Have a Lick of Color by Laura Mallonee, July 4, 2016 “Every other photo of fireworks looks pretty much the same—a burst of color against a dark sky. There’s nothing at all original about it. That’s what Damion Berger thought, too. Still, that didn’t

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Soaking up New York City’s pools and beaches by Max Campbell, July 1, 2016 “Currently on display, not far from a displaced carousel horse and around the corner from a landing wallpapered with Employee of the Month plaques, is “SPF16: NYC Pools and Beaches in Contemporary Photography,” a collection of

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In Huntington, an Exhibition of Pioneering Photography Through the Ages by JANE L. LEVERE, February 13, 2015 “Damion Berger, a contemporary British photographer, creates a different kind of magic, shooting pyrotechnic celebrations around the world for his “Black Powder” series, which includes “Fiac I, Jardin des Tuileries, Paris” (2009). Mr. Berger uses


Experiments in photography push the envelope and reference the classics at Heckscher by DREW MOSS, November 21, 2014 “…Damion Berger’s “Fiac I, Jardin des Tuileries” is just this kind of visual reinvention. Using inverted exposure and stark primary contrast, he recreates the Parisian landmark as a monolithic jungle gym of sparks

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Dawning of a New Age of Digital Photography at AIPAD Show by LOUISE LEVATHES, April 16, 2013 “I think Damion Berger’s dramatic fireworks pictures are some of the most exciting in the show,” New York dealer William Floyd who was at the fair shopping for clients. Berger, a British photographer, who

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Top Ten: AIPAD Photography Show by TRACY ZWICK, April 5, 2013 “British photographer Damion Berger’s pictures call to mind British painter John Virtue’s. There are no people in these images; they are populated with energy. Printed as negatives, Berger’s large night photographs offer semi-abstract takes on fireworks in a style


Contemporary Photographers Stand Out at New York’s AIPAD Fair by LORI FREDRICKSON, April 05, 2013 “Lise Sette gallery is one of few to have risked a solo artist booth, with works from Damion Berger’s recent series of long-exposure and sequential abstractions of fireworks, printed from large-scale negative enlargement. “Solo booths are either brilliant

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AIPAD 2013 at The Armory by PEGGY ROALF, April 4, 2013 The theme for my visit quickly took shape on seeing Damion Berger’s series, Black Powder, a solo presentation at Lisa Sette Gallery, Scottsdale (above). Berger’s black-and-white images of fireworks celebrations around the world are created in a large-format camera, and printed on large sheets. Their ghostly

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AIPAD Photography Show by KEN JOHNSON, April 4, 2013 “At the recent end, relatively newfangled if not groundbreaking approaches are scattered throughout the show, along with myriad works by Modernist masters like Edward Weston and Robert Frank. Operating between abstraction and conceptualism, Damion Berger makes large night photographs, printed as negatives, in which fireworks