As the art world continues to find itself in a reactionary state, responding to and steadily keeping up with new methods of creation, certain visionary artists, like British photographer Damion Berger, conceptually tackle this tension by merging long established techniques with the new tools of today. Though the increasing reliance

Lisa Sette Gallery: Vessels

DAMION BERGER: Newsletter Essay, Fall 2014 (Download Newsletter pdf) In contrast to the fleeting trajectories of powerful pyrotechnic explosions documented in his Black Powder series, Damion Berger’s latest series of photographs Vessels is the genesis of a delicate interplay of time and movement – all-night-long exposures of sailing yachts, mega-yachts

Lisa Sette Gallery: Black Powder

DAMION BERGER: Newsletter Essay, Fall 2013 (Download Newsletter pdf) Damion Berger’s Black Powder series documents, in massive and powerfully beautiful representations of glass-plate negatives, the gestural vectors of pyrotechnic explosions launched to memorialize grand celebrations around the world. The British photographer, once an assistant to the renowned fashion photographer Helmut Newton, has

Black Powder

by JOHN ROHRBACK Senior Curator of Photographs, Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth,Texas Damion Berger’s Black Powder images are spectacles. Grand in both size and scale, they are as unnerving as they are inviting, subversive as they are decorative. The images ostensively record worldly celebrations memorialized with fireworks,